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Dry 'n' Snack Fruit and Vegetable Dehydrator


Dehydrate fruit: a healthy snack for your child

The dehydrator is a space-saving and so practical device that you will soon be unable to do without! Discover the Dry 'n' Snack, a small compact dehydrator of great capacity that will become your best ally in the kitchen.


Dehydrate food: a healthy, economical and zero waste method for preserving fruits and vegetables

By considerably reducing the water content of foods, dehydration allows them to be preserved for a longer time without altering their taste. In fact, this process reduces the water content of food by 85%. Thus, the bacteria responsible for breaking down food cannot survive. Plus, dehydrating food can save you big money while reducing waste. The Dry n'Snack does not consume much energy. You can therefore concoct delicious snacks without impacting your electricity bill.


Dry 'n' Snack Food Dehydrator: How does it work?

This dehydrator uses hot air to remove water from foods such as fruits, and vegetables.FromDehydrated Banana Chip Crackers, easily prepare your favorite dry foods with the Dry 'n' Snack. Its use is very simple: just plug it in, set the timer and temperature and go about your business. Unlike other dehydrators, hot air circulates here evenly, so you don't have to worry about changing the location of the dehydrating trays. Drying times vary depending on the food. You will find on our site some recipe ideas for a healthy and easy snack.


What foods can be dehydrated in the Dry 'n' Snack?

The dehydratorDry 'n' Snack can be used to dehydrate many fruits such as bananas, apples, strawberries, mangoes, pineapples, tomatoes ... On the vegetable side, you can put sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers in the oven: enough to prepare a healthy appetizer!


Dry n'Snack: the inexpensive food dehydrator to prepare healthy snacks for young and old

Has your child returned to school and you have no idea of ​​a healthy snack? Dried fruits and vegetables are the solution! You can make them more greedy by adding a little vanilla powder. It is a guaranteed success! You can accompany the dried fruits with a small cereal bar for a 100% healthy and homemade snack. The large capacity of the Dry n'Snack will allow you to prepare many snacks in advance.


Store your dried fruits and vegetables

When ready to eat, dehydrated foods are dry to the touch. They can be crispy or quite flexible depending on their nature. Have you prepared a lot of dried fruits and vegetables in your food dehydrator? They must now be well preserved. To do this, we recommend that you use airtight glass or food-grade plastic storage jars. Choose a cool place away from light and humidity. Regularly monitor your dried fruits and vegetables in their box. If you notice moisture on the walls, do not hesitate to put them back into theDry 'n' Snack. Well dried and stored, your products can be kept for several months in your kitchen.


The strengths of the Dry 'n' Snack food dehydrator

Healthy low-temperature cooking to retain nutrients and vitamins

Different applications: chips, dried fruits & vegetables, fruit rolls and skins, crackers, yogurt, flavored powders, and much more…

3D air flow: ensures uniformity and precision in drying for optimal results

4 integrated stainless steel trays: healthy material, without transfer of taste or odor

Adjustable temperature: from 35 ° C to 80 ° C

Digital display with timer and automatic shutdown: from 1 to 24 hours

Large transparent opening with magnetic door closure

Integrated crumb collector

Maintenance: Inside of the dehydrator: hand wash with a damp sponge

Stainless steel trays: hand wash or dishwasher safe

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