RED CASTLE BIG FLOPSY maternity cushion, print blossom

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In the second half of pregnancy, the expectant mother often has difficulty finding a comfortable position in which to rest. The solution is the Big Flopsy™ cushion, an essential companion throughout pregnancy!

Thanks to its large size (170cms) the Big Flopsy™ cushion provides support and helps you relax in your preferred position. Ideal for lying on your side, this cushion can also be wedged between the knees or be folded to raise and take the weight off your legs.

Filled with very light, anti-allergenic, odourless micro-pearls, the Big Flopsy™ cushion will continue to be useful after baby is born, during breast or bottle feeding. It can also become a small nest on which to lie baby down and later, when he begins to sit, it can help support his back.

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