RED CASTLE MIRACLE BLANKET 100% cotton, white beige trim

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Does your baby have trouble sleeping? Does he cry for no apparent reason or suffer from colic?

Swaddling him could be the answer you have both been looking for. Red Castle has revised and modernized, in the form of the Miracle Blanket™ swaddling blanket, the age-old practice of wrapping an infant in a large piece of fabric to comfort him and make him feel safe.

Designed specifically to make swaddling easy and to help recreate the sensation of calm and reassurance he experienced in the womb, this ‘miracle’ blanket helps baby adapt gently to his new surroundings. For use in summer (baby can be swaddled with his legs outside the blanket) or in winter, baby’s arms are kept close to his body thus preventing ‘startle’ or ‘Moro reflex’ which is the reaction a peaceful, sleeping baby has when he wakes up with a start and begins to cry.

The gentle pressure applied by the Miracle Blanket™ on baby's tummy calms and appeases him. He feels reassured and sleeps better - "a true miracle" say the parents!

The Miracle blanket™ is for use from birth to around 14 weeks.

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